Monday, August 21, 2017

Powder Bunny ~

What I'm using in this post:

Body Parts: 

Head: Tala - Catwa
Body: Lara - Maitreya
Eyes: Animated mesh eyes - Catwa
Hair: Olivia - ayashi @Whimsical


Skin: Lyn - S0ng
EyeBrows: Charm eyebrows - A R T E @powderpack
EyeApplier: Sweets - S0NG @TheKawaiiProject
BodyBlush: Sweet Stickers ULTRA RARE - Ocha @TheKawaiiProject 


Top: Sweet heart RARE - Momochuu
Panties: Gumi panties - Momochuu
Garter: sweet heart bunny garter RARE - Momochuu
Shoes:  Nierembergia - EMPIRE
Hairband: Gumi bunny ears - Momochuu
FaceStickers: Peache's stickers and plaster - La Baguette @TheKawaiiProject
Choker: Macaroon Choker - RITZ @TheKawaiiProject


Build: Ashley gazebo - Tarte 
Sunbed: 1. pastel Dango gacha @TheKawaiiProject
Sign: 2. pastel Dango gacha @TheKawaiiProject 
 Bucket: 3. pastel Dango gacha @TheKawaiiProject 
Foodies: 4. pastel Dango gacha AND  5. pastel Dango gacha @TheKawaiiProject
Floaty flowers: Blossom Typer [Morning Glory] - AMIX tkp  @TheKawaiiProject
Lanterns:  6. pastel Dango gacha and 7. Pastel Dango (both versions) @TheKawaiiProject 

Pose: Taken from the Kawaii Powder AO TKP @TheKawaiiProject

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