Monday, August 7, 2017

위험한 ~

What items I'm using: 

Body Parts:

Head: Lona - Catwa
Body: Freya - Belleza 
Eyes: Animated mesh eyes- Catwa
Hair: Moriko - Ayashi @FetishFair

Skin: Calpaca - SugarPill @Prismagica
Makeup: Korean Me up RARE - Wednesday [+]
Eyelashes: Downward lashes (yokai makeup) - Aii The ugly and the beautiful
EyeLashes2: Natural lashes - Wednesday[+]
LegTatto/Bandaids: SweetHeart - TheWhitecrow
Lipstick: JadeLipstick (from the skin) - Moremore

Bra: Anarchy RARE - Osmia @Rewind
Panties: Anarchy RARE - Osmia @Rewind
Choker: Nancy Choker @Rewind
LegHarness: Heart harness - #EMPIRE
Shoes: Alexander Heels - Reign

SS POSE Pleasure with Pain Series - BodyLanguage

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