Sunday, February 26, 2017

Poppy x Sweet

My outfit(Left):
Hair: Miwa - Wasabi pills.
Dress: Sukebe Knit - ALTAIR*.

Poppys Outfit (right):
Hair: Zombie - LCKY.
Dress: Sukebe Knit - ALTAIR*.
Headband: Ari headband - TRUTH.
All Furniture and decor is from  Half Deer

Saturday, February 25, 2017


Hair: Kyoko - Truth.
Top: Bmine - Fawn's Demise.
Pantie: Cosplay Cutie Bottom - ALTAIR*.
Socks: Athlete Socks - Sweet Thing.
Garter: Magica Garter - ALTAIR*.
Heart Nipple Applers By fawns demise comes in 7 different tones to match your skintone.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Bunny babe~

Hair: Captive Kiss - Exile.
Ears/Tail: Bitch, Call me Cotton Tail - Quirky.
Dress: kokoro Seifuku - Parfait.
Shoes: Bunny Plaits - The Sugar Garden.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Cry Baby~

Hair: December - Blues.
Ears: Fluffy Ears - ALTAIR*.
Hair bow: Gigi - TheSugarGarden.
Sweater: Elia - ALTAIR*.
Panties. Panties - Maitreya.
Tail: Fluffy tail - Sweet thing.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pre-Party Selfie~

My outfit: Left
Hair: Kisa - Taketomi
Necklace: Sweet thing necklace - Sweet thing
Dress: Spice - ALTAIR*
Shoes: Honesty - #EMPIRE
Buns outfit: Right
Hair: Chloe -  Rutech
Collar: Crystal heart choker - BunBun
Phones: Crystal heart phone RARE - BunBun
Dress: Modoka - ALTAIR*
Stockings: Over knee stockings - WRETCH

Pastel Kitty~

Hair: #Foxy - Cattitude.
Ears: ALTAIR* - Fluffy ears.
Tail: Sweet Thing - Fluffy Tail Bento.
Dress: ALTAIR* - Sukebe Knit.
Skin: HIME*DREAM - Yuna Skin mod for philos sophia.

Monday, February 20, 2017


♥Hair: Thanako - Sweet thing x LCKY♥
♥Dress: ALTAIR* cutie seifuku RARE 1♥
♥Hair/Collar: Beary accesories The Sugar Garden♥
♥Stockings: Kitty stockings Reign♥

(Excuse the floating cup in the background, i full blame weaboo jones aka Mai Yutani huehuehue)


Hair: .Olive. the Melody Hair
Outfit: ..S..: 90s Classic Outfit - White Lara
Shoes: ::MA:: ALEXA Wedge/Tiptoe - Maitreya {Pair}

♥ Happy Birthday Sugary Sweeties ♥